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Absolute Environmental is the environment arm a Gold Coast based company (JJ Industries) with a track record in environmental protection measures. Our erosion control and aquatic containment (including weed control booms) have both here on the Gold Coast and around Australia. With clients such as Westfield and Gold Coast Council trusting our silt curtain and environment protection installations, Absolute Environment are confident they can supply you the silt curtain solution you need.

Silt Curtain Installations

Absolute Environment’s portfolio outlines some of the work we have carried out.  In that portfolio you’ll see details of the work we carried out and images detailing the efficacy of our silt curtain installations. Of special interest is this video showing the dirty water flowing from the construction work into the water, where it is arrested by the silt curtain.


We took samples from the water from both sides of the silt curtain, examples of which you can see below:


You can clearly see from both the images above and the video that the silt curtain solutions provided by JJ Industries’ Absolute Environmental are effective.

Silt Curtains And Environmental Compliance

When you contract expertise for installation of environmental protection and aquatic containment such as silt curtains, the liability remains yours. That’s all the more reason to ensure your compliance solution is trustworthy and can cope with adverse conditions. Absolute Environmental consult and deliver on containment solutions that can give you peace of mind.

Examples Of Silt Curtain Installations From Our Portfolio

We still growing our online portfolio and will include more examples of our work as images come available. We currently have several examples of marine containment, including silt curtain installations.

John Muntz Causeway Silt Curtain Installation

Carried out for the Gold Coast City Council, this silt curtain installations protected the creek during construction on the causeway. More information here.

Coomera River Silt Curtain

This installation for a Gold Coast development allowed construction on the river’s edge while protecting the river water. This silt curtain installation is the one we took the water samples from shown above. More information here.

Pacific Fair Redevelopment Silt Curtain

As part of their environmental compliance Westfield Design and Construction group required a silt curtain while redeveloping Gold Coast’s iconic Pacific Fair shopping centre. More information here.

Contact Absolute Environmental About Your Aquatic Containment Needs

We consult widely on issues around aquatic containment. If you’re concerned about your compliance needs or just want a company who can deliver on a silt curtain you can rely on then contact us. Gold Coast-based but with an Australia-wide reach, we can consult, supply and install across a range of containment devices including silt curtains and weed control booms.

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