Portfolio of environmental protection works


Environment protection design, deployment and maintenance work by JJ Industries’ Absolute Environmental team.

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Consulting, installation and maintenance across a wide range of industries, including construction and resources sectors.

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Environmental Protection Products


Absolute Environment can supply and install a range of products, from cleaning to spill control and containment products.

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Absolute Environmental

A Subsidiary of JJ Industries

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Absolute Environment is the environment services division of JJ Industries. Working in conjunction with a small consortium of compatible companies, Absolute Environment delivers a range of service including:

Aquatic Silt Curtains

Bunding & Spill Control Solutions

Aquatic Weed Control

Environmental Consultancy

Clients who trust Absolute Environment’s expertise in providing environment protection solutions for industrial and resources sectors include:

+61 7 5537 8422

22/231 Brisbane Rd Labrador 4215