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Coir Logs: Why You Should Use Them

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A naturally extricated fibre from the husks of coconut shell, it’s not uncommon to find coirs used in products such as floor mats, brushes and mattresses. The coir logs formed from the fruit now have wider application and importance as biodegradable erosion control products for banks of rivers, shorelines and hills. Other places or areas prone to erosion could also use coir logs. Coirs logs are believed to have been in existence and served quite a ton of purposes since the 11th century. They were used to make boats, ropes and fabric. They are effective for erosion control and management hence the reasons why you should use them.

Coir Logs Allows Vegetation Survive.

We all love to see green, flowers and vegetation around us. In order to encourage such beauty and growth, we can’t take drastic measures like using rocks or bulkheads to tackle erosion. Coir logs will allow vegetation to grow within it as it slowly biodegrades and becomes part of the matrix of the soil. Overtime, the roots of the vegetation provide long-term stability to the soil. This is hugely beneficial to the land and water. The objective is to slow down erosion as much as possible to ensure a resilient vegetation take over.

Stabilizes The Shoreline.

Sometimes the shoreline faces a barrage of waves and subsequent erosion due to overexposure. The fact is that coir logs will most certainly stabilize and restore a shoreline to its natural state. This is especially true when it’s accorded the opportunity to grow with some plants. As it biodegrades, the remaining fibre leaves roots and stems that keep growing. All you have to do is figure out the plant specie to go along with the coir logs.

Coir Logs Are Affordable

Everybody wants value for money especially if it doesn’t cost you a whole lot. That’s one of the reasons why you should use coir logs. They come cheap and have a plethora of uses you can put them to. The cost won’t matter when you can stabilize wetlands, water-logged farms and construction sites. Anchoring your coir logs on such loose soil and land solves half the problem.

Coir Logs Are Easy To Install And Use.

Many users of the coir logs testify to the ease at which they are easy to install and use. You can place the 100 percent natural coconut fibre coir logs in choice areas quite easily. Its environmental-friendly nature makes the costs of acquiring and using it plausible. When you think of other alternatives, coir logs seem all the more suited to your needs and pocket.

Coir Logs Are Long Lasting.

Any product that has the ability to last a couple of years is a very welcome idea for many. Coir logs can last upwards of 5-10 years. Their biodegradable nature means they decompose into a natural medium and blend into aquatic environments while enhancing plant growth. Put in them in place is more than provides a quick-fix. It’s one for the long haul. You can install it and let it get to work.
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